What can I do with my Reward points?

Your reward points are as good as cash. You can do with reward points whatever you can do with cash at all the leading stores.

It sounds very good. How do I do that?

You can redeem reward points against Gift cards and you can buy anything on the particular retailer with the gift card. For example, if you opt for Flipkart Giftcard of Rs 500, then you go to Flipkart and can buy goods worth Rs 500.
We have Gift Cards of more than 140 leading stores, both online and offline stores. You can see the complete list on our website.

Can I redeem points against products?

Yes, you can redeem points against products listed on our website.

Is there any condition on redeeming points?

You need to have a minimum of 1000 points to redeem points.

Is there any redemption fee?

No, there is no redemption fee right now, but we may impose it later.

About Freebeemart.com:

Freebeemart is one of the largest loyalty programs in India. Under this program, BSNL customers collect loyalty Points when they pay their bills and recharge talktime. The customers earn more Points when they do their regular shopping.

All you have to do is to go to your favourite store through Freebeemart. Then do your regular shopping. You get best deals and earn reward points from Freebeemart.

For example, if you want to shop for a shirt, go to www.freebeemart.com first and access your favorite store (say, Flipkart) from www.freebeemart.com. Do your regular shopping and we will give you Reward points.

Once you add up reward points, you can redeem the points against Gift Vouchers of 140 stores. You can shop at these 140 stores using the gift vouchers.

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